Bamboo Fiber Pet/Dog Bowl

By using bamboo as raw material, bamboo fiber is processed by special high-tech technology to extract cellulose in bamboo, and is made of recycled fiber by processes such as glue making and spinning. Because the growth of bamboo does not require various types of chemical fertilizers, it can produce negative ions, and has anti-insect and anti-bacterial properties, thus avoiding various types of pollution.


Bamboo Fiber Pet Bowl Features:


1. Made from natural plant fiber as bamboo fiber and rice hull


2. Food safe, dishwasher safe with FDA and LFGB certificate


3. Fully biodegradable, compostable and reusable


4. Rohs standard heavy metal testing report.


5. The colors could be made in any color pan-tone no.from clients.


6. Temperature tolerance: below 110 degree.


7. Printing: decal printing, silk printing are both OK.


8. safe for Humans: it’s nonpoisonous and non-fragrant.


9. It can be easily degrade after buried under the soil.