What is the bamboo fiber tableware?

We all know that the tableware is necessary tools for each family's daily life, we commonly use plastic tableware, ceramic tableware and metal tableware. With the improvement of people's living standards, requirements of quality of everyday life tools are also increasing. As the process of industrialization in China, and merchants trend towards the profit, a wide variety of tableware is arised. The ills of traditional dishes are endless, the toxic materials mixed in plastic overflow; heavy metal exceeds in metal tableware, and other heavy metal precipitation in ceramic tableware is increasingly being reported, it’s not an easy thing for consumers to choose a quality tableware. As consumers demand for health and environmental protection is in increasing, natural fiber materials tableware emerged in China. It’s a new research and production in recent 10 years. The processing technic is that to crush the plants(such as straw, rice hull and bamboo fiber) into powder, add some cornstarch, binding material, to finalize the design via high temperature mould. In the early days of the research, we most used the straw and rice hull to produce plant pots, along with updated technology, and gradually to supply the market with bamboo powder tableware. Why do I only choose bamboo fiber as raw material powder, plant fiber, such as straw and other fiber bundle itself spacing, processing molding products is not strong enough, and easy to deform, absorbed by water, lifespan is short. Rice hull is a good raw material, but due to the severe pesticide residues in China's rice hull, the tableware made by rice hull could not pass the detection of pesticide residues by EU and the Unite States. So we company finally decided to use the natural bamboo fiber to produce tableware after years of experiments, testing and screening.