Ceramics in everyday life

Ceramics in people's daily life applications, it can be said everywhere. But usually because the side of the ceramic too common, usually to you almost ignore its existence. Here for everyone to include one or two.

1.Ceramic bowls: life than the most common ceramic bowl ceramics, and three meals a day, eat a bowl had to use it! Although people often use metal bowls, plastic bowls, especially for children with some more. But the ceramic bowl undoubtedly accounted for the largest proportion. This is beyond doubt.

2.Ceramic plates: The reason why the ceramic plate on the second place, still relevant with diet. Gotta have food to eat it. There are dishes to be installed where? Of course, a ceramic plate myself! Ceramics in one of the Big Three, of course can not be missed. Of course, life with the use of Sheng Cai plates also have other materials, but more of a metal, such as stainless steel plate, light and not fragile, but also by the many restaurants of all ages. Basically this is two kinds of material, and other materials are also rarely practical.

3.Ceramic spoon: In fact, the ceramic spoons on the third place, there is a consideration, it is in front of point 2 of said ceramics for daily use of the Big Three first three. Food, Chinese food in the world is out of the name. Any dinner, the rice, vegetables, soup is indispensable. Of course, here refers to the Chinese, Western then the other said.

4.Ceramic mug: ceramic cup on a wider range of use of the. Previous daily-use ceramics Big Three are used in one scene in daily life - to eat. Ceramic cup scenarios even more. Drink cups, meetings with the office Cup, drink beverages such as coffee mugs, tea cups, probably the most common of these. You can see it at home, you can see it in the office, it can also be seen in shopping malls, supermarkets, shops. Coverage is probably the most popular one.

5.Ceramic tea set: ceramic tea is also very popular now! But why would a ceramic cup at the back of it? Because tea is a habit and hobby, or a kind of addiction. Some people have and some people do not. This is life in common these three addiction tobacco and tea. It is not an essential habit. There is good, if any indifferent! But water is different, everyone a certain amount of water intake per day, which is necessary for life, so in my opinion, is more ceramic cup ceramic tea set. And there are many differences between ceramic tea. Southerners such as kung fu tea drinking, using a tiny delicate kung fu tea, but northerners like beakers, drink a small cup is not fun. This is still the habit.

6.The above is the most common household ceramics, as to other more personal or household ceramics applied to the specified occasion. The amount would be less than the five previous much. The ceramic piggy bank, ceramic tea, ceramic bottles, ceramic pots, ceramic auspicious ornaments, ceramic perfume car seat and so on.


   7.The last mention is conveniently slide again building ceramics, although this is not attributable to the daily life of ceramic, but in life is everywhere. For example: ceramic tile, ceramic toilet and so on.