Where to find bamboo fiber products manufacturer

We are a leading manufacturer of bamboo fiber products. Our products are Eco friendly, have passed the Food Safe testing certificate like FDA & LFGB, Dishwasher certificate etc.

Our products use “natural plant fiber” the earth of the great reproducibility biological polymer resources for the production of raw materials, made into environmental protection hard tableware, product besides have other materials of tableware advantage sex outside, but also a harmless to human body health, can replace the plastic and melamine materials of tableware best “green products”.


Natural plant material, such as bamboo powder, cornstarch, rice husk, etc.... 


This exclusive technology which is creating the green tableware is combining solid-state supramolecular science, green chemistry, condensed matter physics, science materals, supercritical fluid technology and also organic synthesis.

Bamboo fiber tableware & PLA tableware are able to biodegrade. The biodegradation begins when the product is being exposed to a natural environment.

You may not change the world,but you can protect it.

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