Bamboo fiber flower pots
Bamboo fiber flower pots

Bamboo fiber flower pots


Product Description:
1. Good permeability. Capability to absorb of solar infrared, conductive to plant root growth and can protect the plant in winter.
2. Bio degradable. The broken flowerpot under some conditions, can be 100% biodegraded, no pollution in soil or oceans.
3. After the degradation, the organic matter and humus can be produced to improve soil and build a buffer in the soil. The organic matter is a porous organic gel, with a large amount of negative charge, capable of absorbing large amount of cationic nutrients.
4. Plant growth needs not only sunshine, air and water, but also trace elements like N, P, S, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, etc. Various trace elements stored in the plant fiber can be released during the biodegradation reaction, conductive to plant growth.
5. Easily processed into various shapes, all PMS colors. Available for custom design and suitable for office, home display.
6. Wide use in seedlings cultivation of trees and flowers. Seedling root can penetrate the pot's walls, allowing seeds to be transported together with the pot to improve the survival rate.